No, You Can’t Define Your Company Culture

Earlier this month, Barb Buckner asked if culture can be defined or does it define itself? No, You Can’t Define Your Company Culture My answer: No. You cannot define culture. You can define your organization’s vision. You can define its mission. Its values. Its policies and procedures … But you cannot define the culture. Culture […]

5 Tips to Better Manage Remote Employees

Not everyone you work with and supervise will always be in the same building, state, region or time zone as you. We assume remote employees can and should be handled the same as local employees. When problems with communication and productivity occur, we are quick to blame the distance for the issue. Employees blame management for […]

7 Ways To Overcome Change Fatigue

Everyone knows change is hard. However, we also recognize that is a necessary part of the work we do. We cannot grow or develop if we do not change. Prolonged periods of change can bring fatigue. Change fatigue is the impact of organizations enduring one significant change after another without relent. It is another form of burnout. […]

2016 HR Trends to Watch

Yes, you read that right … It’s mid-July 2015 and I’m talking about trends for 2016. Far too often organizations find themselves scrambling and playing catch-up to comply with changed or new regulations. We leave ourselves open to risk by not discussing, planning and implementing measures far enough in advance to be ready when its […]

The Art of Conflict Maintenance for Work Relationships

Inevitably, people in the workplace are going to disagree about how, who and when the work needs to be done. When that happens, management is expected to step in. For a manager, the ability to successfully address and resolve conflict is a critical skill. The Art of Conflict Maintenance for Work Relationships Far too often, instead […]

HR is Headed for Self Destruction

One of my favorite old skool hip-hop songs is “Self Destruction.” After 20 years, I still know over 90% of the lyrics. It is one of a few old skool jams that causes me to stop whatever I’m doing and lose myself in words and nostalgia for a few minutes whenever I hear it. HR […]