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Why Are You You Ignoring Mobile & Facebook Recruiting?

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The end of October has seen the release of some stats that should be making you think differently about your Facebook recruiting and mobile strategy. Why Are You You Ignoring Mobile & Facebook Recruiting? Firstly, Facebook revealed that it has 1.35 billion monthly active users, of which, a staggering 864 million are daily active users. More […]

Is Your Social Recruiting Cart Before The Application Horse?

It never ceases to amaze me how hard some recruiters make it for job seekers. If we are investing energy into social recruiting why do we then undermine this good work? Why do companies hide the links to career opportunities? Why do we create convoluted processes, which take extreme determination to complete? Truly, does this tell […]

Are We Still Yelling at Passive Talent & Expecting Results?

Or worse, are we still using our HR Tech to spit out our jobs believing automation is the social recruiting answer? If you love social media, I bet it’s the engagement and conversation you love. The ability to keep in touch with people with ease, hear the latest news as it happens, and generally be, […]