Why Are You You Ignoring Mobile & Facebook Recruiting?

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The end of October has seen the release of some stats that should be making you think differently about your Facebook recruiting and mobile strategy.

Why Are You You Ignoring Mobile & Facebook Recruiting?

Firstly, Facebook revealed that it has 1.35 billion monthly active users, of which, a staggering 864 million are daily active users. More incredible, their mobile daily active users increased by 39% to 703 million!

And here’s the kicker, between Q2 and Q3 their mobile only users increased by 57 million to a total of 456 million monthly active users. So now over a third of Facebook’s total monthly active users are mobile only.

Secondly, Jobvite released their 7th Annual Social Recruiting Survey of “More than 1,800 recruiting and human resources professionals across industries and regions completed the survey in August 2014.”

On page 8, they reveal how Recruiters are using social networks:

Jobvite Survey Facebook Recruiting Page 8

Recruiters are still only actively searching amongst the 313 million on LinkedIn and being reactive amongst the 1.35 billion on Facebook, which is a surprise when Graph search is so good and Facebook is over 4 times the size.

But, look at this!

Jobvite Survey Facebook Recruiting Page 16

Is your company ignoring mobile job seekers?

What talent are you missing out on by expecting job seekers to head to a desktop?

In my last post, Is Your Social Recruiting Cart Before The Application Horse, I gave you some very important mobile considerations to make – especially related to where you send job seekers.

2 more to improve your Facebook recruiting:

Jobs Box

If you have already built a successful company page it’s very easy to add an application for Facebook recruiting by using a solution like Jobvite, TweetMyJobs, Work4 and others, that add a ‘work for us’ box.

You must remember those mobile job seekers though!

If the solution you are considering sends the job seeker from Facebook to your own site and it’s not mobile optimised, consider choosing a solution, like Work4, that allows mobile job seekers to apply without leaving Facebook.

Lock down your profile

You can use Facebook for recruiting without adding anyone as a friend but please don’t think you’re not being vetted in the same way you’re vetting them.

On the desktop version of Facebook, head top right, click the padlock,  select View As, and check that you are not revealing too much. Be careful when you’re commenting on other posts too, is the post private or public?

Mobile, mobile, mobile

Now there are 9 new mobile users every second, is it time you made changes to attract mobile job seekers?

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