Getting Started On Instagram and Snapchat

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So you want to get serious about Instagram and Snapchat, huh? Maybe you’ve created an account, taken a few photos and now you’re thinking to yourself “what now?” Whether you plan to use them for fun, for work or for something else entirely, the process is largely the same. I’ll try to give you some […]

The Must Read Workplace Legal Terminology Guide

Discovery? Deposition? Jurisdiction? If you don’t have a background in law it can be difficult to grasp these legal terms, but as HR professionals, it’s essential that we do so. Here is a short and sweet guide to the core parts of the legal process. The Legal Process Complaint A plaintiff almost always begins a […]

First Steps in Tackling the Year of the FLSA

My good friend Eric Meyer recently wrote that this is the year of the FLSA, and I couldn’t agree more. By now, you’ve certainly read countless articles and blog posts discussing the recently proposed rulemaking that will more than double the minimum salary required for a worker to be classified as “exempt” under the Fair […]

Workplace Impact of the Same Sex Marriage Supreme Court Decision

Way back in cold, wintery January, I wrote about the Supreme Court taking on the issue of same-sex marriage, where I predicted that the Court, by a 5-4 margin, would hold that same-sex couples cannot be treated differently than opposite-sex couples, under the 14th Amendment, when it comes to marriage. Impact of Same Sex Marriage […]

Navigating Unpaid Internships Under the FLSA

Now that the school year is winding down, its time for internships to begin. Internships provide great benefits to both parties. Interns are given an opportunity to experience company culture, learn what it’s like to actually perform in a particular field, see career opportunities and learn outside the classroom. Companies are provided with an opportunity […]