Turn Your Holiday Gig Into Your Real Job! (It’s not too late!)

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Turn Your Holiday Gig Into Your Real Job! Before you even put away your Stranger Things costume, the twinkly lights were already being strung in the mall. Santa was already settled into his throne for the next 7 weeks of receiving screaming children in his lap. The holiday season arrives sooner every year. With family gatherings, […]

Four Reasons You Don’t Want to Hire A Team Player

If you are reading this, you may already be wary of rockstar and ninja hires, but there is a sneaky subset of a more general bad hire: the team player. In theory, a team player sounds great. In an ideal world, they work well with others, provide help and support on multiple projects and are […]

4 Reasons to Avoid Adding A Ninja to Your Team

Are you looking for the perfect new hire right now? If the answer is yes, we feel your pain. It is difficult to find the perfect hire with the appropriate skill set and willingness to learn. Sometimes you are lucky to find what looks like the perfect fit for your job description only to hit […]

The Rise of The Mobile Resume

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In Donna Svei’s “Why Your Fancy Resume is So 2015,” the executive resume writer explores why “fancy” resumes are a thing of the past. After asking a large group of recruiters whether or not they read resumes on their mobile devices, Svei learned that an overwhelming 88% of recruiters reported that they indeed did. In […]

4 Tips to Attract the Right Cultural Fit with Job Descriptions

Usually, job descriptions are boring. Anyone who has ever written several job descriptions likely has experienced the feeling of their eyes glazing over while typing the words “responsibilities” and “qualifications” over and over (and over) again. However, a job description does not have to adhere to this format. A job description can actually be fun […]

How to Use Social Media to Hire for Free!

How to Use Social Media to Hire for Free Hiring isn’t all job boards and referrals anymore. More and more, companies are finding innovative ways to find new hires. One of those ways is through social media. In fact, J.P. Morgan recently made the news when they used Snapchat to hire summer interns. While the […]