Turn Your Holiday Gig Into Your Real Job! (It’s not too late!)

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Turn Your Holiday Gig Into Your Real Job!

Before you even put away your Stranger Things costume, the twinkly lights were already being strung in the mall. Santa was already settled into his throne for the next 7 weeks of receiving screaming children in his lap. The holiday season arrives sooner every year. With family gatherings, pumpkin spice lattes, egg nog, and gift-buying chaos also comes a huge bump in hiring.  Between huge corporate businesses and small businesses, about 740,000 seasonal hires will be made this year!   

This is a great opportunity for someone with less experience to get a job and to prove themselves. While many companies do their hiring in late September to mid-October, there are always a wake of flakey employees that need to be replaced mid-season. This is your chance to swoop in and save the day! In addition, many companies are open to keeping their strongest holiday hires after the season draws to an end. Here are a few tips to  get noticed by management and turn your part-time seasonal job into your permanent job.

1. Your Resume & Cover Letter

Tailor your resume for the job at hand. Don’t just bulk send a resume to a bunch of companies hiring for the holidays. Include a personalized cover letter to the jobs you really want. What is it about that company that attracts you to it? How can you bring your best talents to the position at hand?

2. Treat it like it already is your career!

Don’t show up thinking it is a fluke that will last 8-10 weeks. Consider this your real job already. Show up on time, looking (and feeling) sharp and ready to work! This mindset will reflect in your work ethic and gain the attention of your manager!

3. Listen!

Listening is fundamental when beginning a new job. Listen to your managers. Listen to their needs on and off the floor. Listen to your coworkers. Learn what to do and learn what not to do.

4. Anticipate.

This goes hand-in-hand with listening.  Learn what needs to be done. Anticipate tasks, big or small, before they become problems.  Make sure to stay in your lane, but always offer help and assistance where you think you could be useful.

5. Express Interest!

Be upfront. Tell your hiring manager that you would like to remain employed. Use this opportunity to learn what you can do to be helpful and grow your role within the company! Managers love working with employees who are open to learn and grow! It makes their job considerably easier!

6. It’s not too late!

Seriously! As mentioned earlier, there are a ton of hire employees that flake out on this seasonal opportunity. Facing the pressure of crowds and extender hours, managers are eager to fill vacancies with enthusiastic employees. Come in ready to work and willing to learn.

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