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Seasonal Employment Is a Staple for Some Workers

Summer has officially ended in Canada. We’re warming up to our Pumpkin Spice lattes. We’re resurrecting last year’s plaid wardrobe. However, for some Canadians, it’s the end of our seasonal careers — or for some, the beginning of another. Seasonal employment is a staple for many workers in beautiful landscapes. Normally associated with agriculture or hospitality, this type of […]

4 Reasons to Avoid Hiring a Growth Hacker

Consider, if you will, an ethical software company, vowing to never be evil and to raise shares to a confident $50 stock price. Things are going according to plan until  one eager HR manager decides to post a opening for a “Growth Hacker”… 4 Reasons to Avoid Hiring a Growth Hacker 1. They Don’t Get Business Development, Only […]

Fall Into Expansion: Gearing Up for Autumn Growth

Ahh August. It’s the month our love affair with summer slowly comes to a close, our minds turn to year ends goals, and we scramble not to hyperventilate over everything we’ve left to worry about until fall. But in business, it’s also the time to think about grants (depending on the industry), funding, and expanding our teams. For […]

We Need Less Talk and More Real Change In HR

We Need Less Talk and More Real Change In HR Be warned: I will piss of a lot of my colleagues on this one. However, when it’s so hard to see what the HR and recruitment industry has done to make it progressive, someone has to say it. Every day I see colleagues posting on […]

Workplace Commuting Is a Working Cost Not a Living Cost

Your 9-5 is a blessed option when starting out. You want the security. You want that cheque. You want to work your way up in the company to one day leave a mark on the world. It’s a great aspiration – but sorry if I have to burst your bubble. Workplace Commuting Is a Working […]

Success Isn’t Simple: Millennial Business Advice for the Long Haul

Millennials are given advice every day ­ by various online agencies that we have cited as experts in the field. Ok, maybe not experts but a damn good read. Wired, Business Insider, Notable, and so many more offer such success stories that budding entrepreneurs read and memorize to make us feel encouraged to become leaders […]