Ep 113 – Cool HR & Recruiting Extensions, Tools & Hacks

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One of my favorite things to do is to geek out with someone about new tools, technologies, and find out about the Chrome and Gmail extensions that they are using in their work. I recently finished up a webinar on social recruiting strategies with Dice and we had so many questions. I thought I’d sit down […]

Can We Future-Proof Our Jobs and Workplaces?

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As we read more and more about the impending ascent of artificial intelligence and machine learning, being able to “future-proof” may hold some appeal to readers. Barring a change in the laws of physics holding off the future is hard to do. Even a nuclear holocaust would leave people who know what could be done. […]

Your Lack of Motivation is Your Problem – Now Do Something About It

Your Lack of Motivation is Your Problem I have always had an open-door policy. Except now, I work in an open office and have no door – or desk – so it’s now more of a “grab-a-chair-and-sit-here” policy. It works for me. People know where to find me or they send an IM asking where […]