Urban Outfitters Will Keep Asking Employees to Work for Free

Last week Gawker shared an email sent from URBN to its Urban Outfitters home office employees. The email encouraged salaried workers to take advantage of the opportunity that the holiday shopping season provided: a chance to work weekends in Urban Outfitters fulfillment centres, learning about this important side of the business and, if you came […]

Ep 60 – 3 Emerging HR Technologies (Part 3) #HRTechConf

One thing is certain in this world for me and that’s my love of technology especially HR technology. This podcast is part three of a now four part series where I introduce my podcast listeners and blog readers to a group of new and emerging HR technologies. These podcast(s) include a series of short mini-interviews where I […]

Humans vs. Robots: Is Creativity the Key?

There is a concern among people that with the coming “robotization” of work that many will be without jobs. I have written a number of times that one way to insure that you will be employed in a robot world is to make sure you keep some aspect of “humanness” in your job. Perhaps creativity […]