Will Employees Drive the Use of Artificial Intelligence?

Will Employees Drive the Use of Artificial Intelligence at Work? It is hard to pick up a magazine (either literally or digitally) that deals with technology and people without seeing something about artificial intelligence or AI and the impact it will have on the workplace and jobs. Some people, such as Elon Musk, warn us […]

Ep 58 – 3 New Emerging HR Technologies #HRTechConf

Podcast episode talking with three new emerging HR technologies including Recroup, iRevu and RethinkDataHR. Hear how these companies are disrupting and changing the future of HR technology. This podcast is a three part series.

How HR Can Help Those Entering the Working World

I’m always amazed by the amount of responses we receive when I begin to recruit for an entry level role. Hundreds of hopefuls are out there looking for someone to give them a chance and more often than not, it’s for one or two positions. It makes me wonder, how do we, as recruiters, as […]