How HR Can Help Those Entering the Working World

I’m always amazed by the amount of responses we receive when I begin to recruit for an entry level role. Hundreds of hopefuls are out there looking for someone to give them a chance and more often than not, it’s for one or two positions. It makes me wonder, how do we, as recruiters, as human resources professionals or hell, as human beings help these individuals?

Encourage Hiring Managers

We’ve all been there. An individual resigns and the hiring manager wants a replacement pronto. Instead of assuming they need a direct replica of what they had, encourage them to take time to think it through. Perhaps it could be an opportunity to bring on someone with less experience. Remind them that taking the time to train and mold someone new could pay off of in leaps and bounds down the road. Less experience oftentimes means less baggage, new perspective and a different way of thinking. We could all use a little more of that on our teams.

Connect People

Your business might only have one opportunity available right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help those outstanding candidates in other ways. We’ve all got connections somewhere. Introduce those rock stars to some of your employees. If you can’t hire them now, you might be able to down the line. Why not start solidifying relationships with them sooner rather than later? You could also introduce stellar candidates to your friends at other businesses. If they land a job, they will fondly remember the person who got them started. You never know, they may return once they’ve learned some tricks of the trade to the place that helped them launch their career in the first place.


Those looking to join the working world value your opinion as a professional. Share it. Give them feedback. Be generous with your thoughts, ideas, approaches and network. It will pay off in more ways than you realize. Take the time to share your brilliance, as I’m certain someone once did with you.

Be kind

We’re busy. I get it. It would take an eternity to assist hundreds or thousands of applicants. But what if you just helped one? For each role you’re working on, go the extra mile for one person that you can’t hire just now. If we all did that, imagine the impact we could have on the lives of so many.

IMHO, HR doesn’t always get the respect it deserves. We have the ability to change lives for the better if we so choose. It will take time and it will take effort, but it will also be worth it, my friends. Pay it forward.

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Kelly Poulson

Kelly has spent her career helping people kick ass and become better versions of themselves. Coaching, training, recruiting – you name it, she’s done it, and in a variety of industries ranging from advertising to behavioral health to tourism and beyond. Be it supporting new managers in their journeys from uncertain supervisors to rock star bosses, helping lost newbies zero in on what they want from their careers and find their inner confidence to ask for (and receive) that promotion, or enabling leaders to be more self-aware in their management styles and more skillfully interact with those around them, she’s done it all. Outside of pushing to make people and organizations better, Kelly spends most of her time marathoning Netflix programming with her mutt, Dexter. Connect with Kelly.

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