Out Now: HR Certification Podcast Episode 12: Answering Your SHRM & HRCI Exam Questions

Ep 47 – The Supreme Court Gay Marriage Ruling Impact on HR

Last month, my Facebook wall was full of rainbows celebrating the Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision legalizing gay marriage. While I’m in support of the decision, I know that the Supreme Court decision has forever changed human resources, employer benefits and the workplace. Episode 47: How the Supreme Court Gay Marriage Ruling Impacts Work and HR […]

5 Ways to Make Employee Training Fun and Free

Options To Get You Started On Offering Employee Traning I’ve heard of a mystical land. One where there are entire teams of people dedicated to training. A land where training budgets and systems are meaty and plentiful. Sadly, I only visited this type of land very early on in my career. Since then, I’ve had […]

2016 HR Trends to Watch

Yes, you read that right … It’s mid-July 2015 and I’m talking about trends for 2016. Far too often organizations find themselves scrambling and playing catch-up to comply with changed or new regulations. We leave ourselves open to risk by not discussing, planning and implementing measures far enough in advance to be ready when its […]