5 Ways to Make Employee Training Fun and Free

Options To Get You Started On Offering Employee Traning

I’ve heard of a mystical land. One where there are entire teams of people dedicated to training. A land where training budgets and systems are meaty and plentiful. Sadly, I only visited this type of land very early on in my career. Since then, I’ve had to be, shall I say, very creative to get training addressed. To all those out there feeling like they don’t have the time, budget or manpower to offer employee training at their organizations, look no further. Check out the options below to help you get started.

1. Free Employee Training Material Is Right at Our Fingertips

The Internet is amazing. You can take classes at Ivy League institutions, listen to TED talks, engage in MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course) as far as the eye can see. Not to mention search through the vast playground that is Youtube. And most of these offerings are FREE. You read that right. Free and just waiting for us and our employees to partake. Take a lunch hour and watch a TED talk or two and see what happens. You never know what ideas will spawn with a little inspiration.

2. Voracious Readers Are Your Friends

Do you have an employee who eats up every leadership book they can and are dying to share that content? That seems like another great opportunity to gather a team together. Book club? Maybe. Give that person an opportunity to create and deliver a training session? It could be a great way to bolster their confidence and perhaps encourage others to do the same. It only takes a few people to get something up and running!

3. Make Mentoring a Way of Life

It doesn’t have to be formal to be considered employee training. As long as people are learning, it can be as simple as a conversation if speaking with the right mentor. Create opportunities within your organization for mentoring conversations to occur naturally.

4. Scope Out Your Existing Partners

Does your Employee Assistance Program offer a myriad of training for low or no cost to their participants? What about your healthcare providers? Oftentimes, we’ve got existing relationships that aren’t being fully leveraged. Do your digging and if it’s not something they currently offer, why not be the client who requests it?

5. Pay it Forward When it Comes to Conferences

Are you able to send only one of your team members to a conference? Ask that individual to pay it forward upon their return to the office. They can share the knowledge and hopefully some of the passion that was ignited when they were in attendance.


This list certainly isn’t all inclusive. There are plenty of ways to get people up and learning if they want it. We can all be a little better and you never know where the next earth shattering idea will come from. Start the dialogue in your organizations and you may be surprised by what comes of it.

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Kelly Poulson

Kelly has spent her career helping people kick ass and become better versions of themselves. Coaching, training, recruiting – you name it, she’s done it, and in a variety of industries ranging from advertising to behavioral health to tourism and beyond. Be it supporting new managers in their journeys from uncertain supervisors to rock star bosses, helping lost newbies zero in on what they want from their careers and find their inner confidence to ask for (and receive) that promotion, or enabling leaders to be more self-aware in their management styles and more skillfully interact with those around them, she’s done it all. Outside of pushing to make people and organizations better, Kelly spends most of her time marathoning Netflix programming with her mutt, Dexter. www.kellypoulson.com Connect with Kelly.

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  1. Match C. says

    ted talks are great source of learning.
    and i believe, Mentoring is a perfect way to build successors and great decision makers.


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