Ep 40 – HR’s Role in STEM

Episode 40: HR’s Role in STEM with Paul Belliveau Having had the pleasure of meeting Paul last year at the 2014 Annual SHRM Conference, he is very passionate in his mission of strategic HR as well as HR’s involvement in the future and talent development of STEM. I’m very excited to be talking with him […]

25 Entertaining Employee Reviews From Glassdoor and Indeed

employee review, employee glassdoor, indeed

Whether you’re acting as a passive job seeker or you’re actively looking for a job Glassdoor and/or Indeed is one of the greatest pieces of information to get insights into a company before you take the first interview. Be warned. Some of these reviews can be interesting to say the least. Potential Perk has pointed […]

Why Your Email Recruiting Outreach Doesn’t Work

As the years go by, I find that email becomes less and less of a useful tool for me, and I’m not alone. While it’s true that we all still use email at work, we’ve also moved many of those conversations that once took place in email to other platforms. From texting to Gchat to […]