Ep 40 – HR’s Role in STEM

Episode 40: HR’s Role in STEM with Paul Belliveau

Having had the pleasure of meeting Paul last year at the 2014 Annual SHRM Conference, he is very passionate in his mission of strategic HR as well as HR’s involvement in the future and talent development of STEM. I’m very excited to be talking with him on today’s Workology Podcast. Paul urges HR as well as business leaders to take a all hands on deck approach to STEM which I absolutely agree. But first, let’s step back and define STEM.

What is STEM?

STEM is an acronym that is short for science technology engineering and math. STEM job experience is one of the most competitive and sought after by employers and not just in Silicon Valley. Paul has extensive experience in this area and speaks about how STEM is not just impacting our organizations from a talent perspective for the short term but specifically the long term. He suggests that organizations work with universities, colleges and even high schools to begin getting to know STEM students and helping to build interest in the industry.

Paul tells us that the HR’s role in STEM starts with the building of competencies similar to what we are doing in HR. Competencies are important in creating consistent standards and environments for learning and development. Since recruiting STEM is a great focus for employers, retaining those knowledge workers is also essential. These highly specialized workers prefer environments and companies that offer flexible work schedules, work challenges, learn and grow in their own organizations. Make sure to listen to the podcast. Paul is involved in a number of organizations where STEM development is a focus including SHRM. You can also connect with Paul on LinkedIn.



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