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25 Entertaining Employee Reviews From Glassdoor and Indeed

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25 Entertaining Employee Reviews From Glassdoor and Indeed

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employee review, employee glassdoor, indeed

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Whether you’re acting as a passive job seeker or you’re actively looking for a job Glassdoor and/or Indeed is one of the greatest pieces of information to get insights into a company before you take the first interview. Be warned. Some of these reviews can be interesting to say the least.

Potential Perk has pointed out that 39% of candidates surveyed have used Glassdoor as part of their company research efforts. We’ve scoured the internet to find you the 25 most interested employee reviews on Glassdoor and Indeed.

25 Entertaining Employee Reviews From Glassdoor and Indeed

Enjoy the laughs and absurdity.

Glassdoor Reviews

Nothing in this world, all the money and jewels will make me go back… the worst paranoid, self observed, slave like environment with the worst management ever… 10 hours working day is a must by their standards… you are a slave there… no professional should be treated as they treated there…

This one is quite ironic. You wouldn’t come back for all the money and jewels in the world? I bet it wasn’t that bad. 

No health insurance. Owner swears and calls us cowards and suckers on company message chat. When we make a mistake they often post on chat and embarrass us in front of the whole company. When we make a mistake they may fine or suspend us and they threaten firing often. They will put you on salary or hourly. For hourly, we don’t get much overtime because they can make the salary people do it. Hourly people are tracked by FaceTime software which automatically stops us getting pay if the mouse doesn’t move for 4 minutes, even if we are working. If we go to the bathroom, no pay. Get a stopwatch and a computer to track your hours, and dont bet on it matching the paycheck.

Facetime for collecting work hours? That sounds like trouble to me. No more watching Silicon Valley at work. 🙁

The atmosphere started off really awesome, until it wasn’t!

Hmm….isn’t that generally the case? Something is good until it isn’t anymore?

Zero, Zip, Nada, Nothing, Negative

Really? Nothing? Must be one good thing!

This Is The Worst Place I Have Ever Worked. They Actually Want People To Believe That This Is One Of The Best Places To Work In America When All Of This On Glassdoor Is Fabricated By The Owners, Management, And Hr. This Company Lives In The Ice Ages And They Will Do Anything To Make Potential Employees Believe That They Are A Good Company To Work For. There’s Better Companies In America That Appreciate Diversity, Pay Well, And Have Great Management, And Excellent Benefits. Paycom Is Nothing What People Are Saying In These Fake Reviews My Advice Run And Dont Even Waste Your Time With Paycom Unless You Want To Be A Part Of The Revolving Door They Are Always Hiring They Cant Keep Sales Reps And If They Hire You And You Are A Person Of Color If You Cough Wrong You Will Be Fired It Goes On Throughout The Company.

I added this one because Who Writes Words Where The First Letter Is Capitalized In Every Sentence. Not Me, Obviously.

The only good thing about [company] is the day you get laid off.

Why not just quit? #problemsolved

Good choice of pizzeria when ordering in food for frequent late nigh work and weekend work merchandising and design department employees are forced to endure.

Don’t we all choose a workplace solely on food options available to us? I do. Unfortunately, Whichcraft on 5th and Mission just shut its doors. #boo

Good benefits and pay, that is all you get here. The pros do not outweigh the cons, just don’t work for this place or you will regret it. You won’t last, you will either quit or be fired.

Good benefits and pay? Sounds like a good job to me.

A lot of bad folk

They play folk songs? I would say all are bad.

The people who work with you are great, for the most part. There is “free” coffee for you to choose from.

I’m curious on this “free” coffee scheme this company is trying to pull.

outdoors, meet some people, see some action, get some information, learn a thing or two

This was put as a con. Not sure why.

They will pay you a high salary. That’s how they get you to leave your stable job. They put on fake pleasantries to lure you in. It’s very tempting and it seems to work on a lot of people

High salary with fake pleasantries? I’m in.

I can’t think of any, it makes more money than fast food.

Not for long. #Fightfor15

Indeed Reviews

watch what you eat the ware house has roaches, I have seen mice the bread is not fresh they freeze it for a month or longer before it is put in the store. all the employees do is talk about you all day management lies on you it is the worst place that I have worked only good thing is that they paid good. flour in bakery made me develop asthma and allergies . one of my friends actually died from a asthma attack at work because they would not let somebody take her to the hospital they made her wait for an ambulance. they do put money in your 401k for you tho good benefits but they treated me bad.

Died from an asthma attack? Sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen. My first thought, let me go post about it on Indeed.

In a phrase, the company is the “DMV of Media Companies”.

Need I say more?

they are a blood sucking leech on society. There is no such thing as work life balance. Promotions and advancement and bonuses have nothing to do with job performance or merit. The VP was released for sleeping with and promoting people.

Pictures or it didn’t happen. Re: VP sleeping with co-workers. Too much? Nah.

A typical day is at least 9 hrs. You learn to stay low profile in order to get along. Management is backbiting and cutthroat. Your co-workers just show up to collect a paycheck. The job hardest part of the job is following upper management mandated programs. The most enjoyable part of the job is going home at the end of the day!

The most enjoyable part of my day is going home too! 🙂

Bad company to work for 15 minute lunch breaks, very low pay, lots of Hispanics. Poor management, this job taught me how to complain a lot and to hate waking up in the Mornings for work

Racists and capitalizes the word morning for some reason.

This company is the epitome of a “Good Ol’ Boy” network. The company hierarchy is totally devoid of diversity! I felt like I was in an IT VERSION of the movie “The Help”.

At least you’d be in a movie right?

plwase run away! No room for growth! No advancement Underpay and over-worked!!!!! No bonus no raises NO NOTHING! Unorganized and no communication. The only thing good is they have flexible scheduling. It’s not worth it. There are sooooo many companies that is out there that is better

Obviously nothing is good at this company. Also the person doesn’t know how to spell.

The workplace is ok when the “snakes” are not crawling around. The work environment is horrible! They treat people bad.

There are never any reasons for snakes to crawl around! 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 2.28.35 AM

This one deserves a screen shot. It was pretty much a trend for this company.

[company] is a good place to start your working career but not the idea place to stay if you have greater expectations in life.

“greater expectations in life” — such a raving reveiw.

As a property manager I love my staff, but for a Christian based company the overall upper management environment and cold and sterile. Everything is done by through email, and no one ever knows your name.

No comment 🙂 Bolded for emphasis and drama.

This place is HORRIBLE!!! The management really sucks… There is no work/life balance. You will be overworked and underpaid

Aren’t we all bae?

Lesson learned from all these reviews?

People are stupid. 

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