Three Roadblocks for the Freelance Economy

If you have been reading about the future at all you know that I and others have written about the rise of independent contractors or freelancers as a force in the world of work. Baby Boomers who have exited from corporate America and millennials who had a difficult time getting into corporate America have become […]

In Work and Life Failure Is Always an Option

There is a ton written about strong leaders and their success. The attributes that make them great, typically, can be defined by the 5 C’s: charismatic, convincing, credible, capable and creative. But what about those legendary leaders that fell short, time and time again? These are the leaders that I admire most. For they are […]

Women in the Workplace: Bossiness & Ideas for Change

In last week’s post, I wrote about how women struggle with the issue of likeability in the workplace as well as the fine line women often have to walk, especially in male-dominated professions. This week I will look at how the assertive woman is viewed in the workplace, and I will propose some possibilities for […]