Why HR Needs Artificial Intelligencea

I am sure as you have read “future” oriented material like this blog and other you may have wondered why HR departments need robots or artificial intelligence. As you might guess the answer has to do with the shortcomings of humans. Where people lack As we have already seen in many industries robots do things […]

5 Field Focused HR Tech Trends

“Field Focused” 2015 Talent Management Trends Can you feel it? 2015 is the year of human resources and talent management, but are you as as HR or recruiting business leader ready? My trends for talent acquisition this year are what I call “field focused.” They are realistic and applicable to most any business leader in […]

3 Ways to Maximize Employee Relations & Post-Hire Value

Employee Relations’ Role in New Hire Onboarding. The recruitment process is among some of the most complex processes any organization has. It requires deep integration of recruiters with talent management functions, hiring managers, brand marketing functions, candidates, and in some cases with external recruiting agencies. Failure to maintain these relationships across the board often results […]