5 Field Focused HR Tech Trends

“Field Focused” 2015 Talent Management Trends

Can you feel it? 2015 is the year of human resources and talent management, but are you as as HR or recruiting business leader ready? My trends for talent acquisition this year are what I call “field focused.” They are realistic and applicable to most any business leader in 2015. The worst type of predictions and trends are the ones that are so futuristic they are out of touch. That’s not my style. I want you to get out there, improve the organization and find ways to leverage these trends TODAY.

Machine learning

One of my favorite business books is Tim Ferris’s 4 Hour Work Week. The underlying messages is about organizing, prioritizing and finding ways to squeeze the most productivity and therefore, income generation out of your work day so you can enjoy life. Machine learning is where technology meets the 4 Hour Work Week. Machine learning software learns your preferences, interests and habits in order to save you time using the software. The technology is learning about what’s important to you and able to react and help present you with options, information and resources that you are likely looking for or would benefit you in some way. Machine learning is used to suggest “people you may know” on LinkedIn. Technologies like Saba are using machine learning to suggest content, articles, classes, online learning , resources as company connections that could benefit you based on your past patterns and behavior using the technology.

Focus on data

Data is key to making decisions and earning and demonstrating  the increasing importance of managing, developing talent. The December 2014 issue of the Harvard Business Review suggested that Chief Human Resource Officers are the most qualified business leaders to assume future CEO roles. To earn our street cred and continue to improve business functionality and overall operations concerned talent, that starts with data and focusing on forecasting, decision making and aligning our current efforts to help make business goals and targets successful. It might start with people in business, but a focus on data is what drives clarity around business concerning talent in 2015. 

Tour of duty

With the improving economy brings about an increase in voluntary turnover which experts are predicting a sharp increase this year from 19% to 37% in 2015. Professionals want to work with people they know, like and trust. Employees will not only make moves that are monetarily motivated outside of the organization, but they will change jobs and assume new tours of duty to work with people they have enjoyed working with, leaders who inspire them and people who are committed to helping them achieve their personal and professional goals. An individual’s goals are fluid so its important to focus on the “era of personalization” which I will explain more below.

Forward thinking

While the focus might be on data, talent acquisition leaders must be looking forward to develop, retain and hire the best workers for their company. We have to use that data to help anticipate needs and gaps to build a candidate pipeline beyond the simple “spray and pray” of job boards. We have to create talent communities, relationships and especially opportunities for development internally to retain our best employees. Let’s use that data to focus on efforts and optimize our time. On a personal level, I’m all about focus and organizing my time to produce the best results. That starts with looking forward, planning and building long term strategies that if needed can also change very quickly. We have to be nimble to be effect in looking and forecasting forward in our actions and thinking.

Era of personalization

Not just personalizing the candidate experience but personalizing the employee experience, onboarding and everything in between. Machine learning helps personalize the HR technology side of the house but managers and business leaders will need to focus on personalizing the workplace and business environment for individual team. Otherwise, they will look for new work experiences and opportunities. And those experiences are probably outside of your company.

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