Your End of Year HR Checklist

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It’s easy to simply throw up your hands, declare that the year is finished, and turn the calendar to 2015 with only a few weeks left in the year. Due to holiday schedules (whether that means your employees are out of the office or only focused on customers — or both—or both), it IS challenging […]

Employer Branding is About Auditing the Candidate Journey

Employer Branding is About Auditing the Candidate Journey Just because your career site and application process are mobile optimized doesn’t mean you have an employer branding strategy in place. Don’t get me wrong, that is a huge accomplishment and your potential candidates will be thanking you, it just isn’t the end all be all. In […]

The 50 First Tweets in #HR & #Recruiting

As 2014 comes to a close and we look forward to 2015, I’ve been doing a lot of personal reflecting about my life as an HR blogger, thought leader and contributor to this industry. Although I started blogging in 2007, it was Twitter in 2008 changed everything for me. It opened my eyes and connected […]

Slow Down and Be Kind To Yourself

As I head into 2015, like everyone else, I’m thinking about the things I want to achieve and how to go about making it all happen. The list is very long and includes goals that are physical, mental, spiritual, professional, financial, aspirational, inspirational and family-oriented. I’m also reflecting on everything that I’ve done in 2014. […]