Transforming Rejection into Friendship Through Candidate Experience

Rejection is hard. Rejection is why so many people refuse to speak in public and why people don’t choose sales as a profession. Rejection is why looking for a job can be so excruciating and is one of the big reasons why so many people stay in the wrong job for so long. If you’re […]

Will HR Be the Last to Adopt Wearbles in the Workplace?

Wearables can be a great tool for HR I and several others have written about wearables being used in the future. Wearables have been talked about for several years but mostly as novelty items. I wrote about them because I think they can be a great tool for the HR professional. However, we have not […]

What It Takes to Be a Thought Leader

What is Thought Leadership? There’s a certain amount of responsibility, finesse and planning that comes into being a thought leader and someone seen as valuable in thought leadership. In all honesty I didn’t plan or intend to be one, but then again I’ve never ended up where I planned to go. In 2001, I graduated […]

Secret to Effective Referral Recruiting Emails & InMail on LinkedIn

This is part 3 of my LinkedIn InMail Messaging series. You read part one and part two. Hands down my favorite way of finding candidate diamonds in the rough is through referrals and recommendations either within my network or someone who I come acrossed that is connected and willing to share. There is a fine art […]