Haters Gonna Hate… And Perform Well

Ask an obvious question “What’s a hater gonna do?” and get an obvious answer. “Haters gonna hate.” But an interesting twist to that question has just been answered comparing “haters” and “likers” at work and shows that haters may actually be more focused on their tasks (and even perform better) than their more congenial counterparts. […]


Each Friday The Recruiter’s Lounge is going to bring you Infographic Fridays. We’ll be finding really interesting and different infographics to share. Hope you enjoy! Career Sites Are GOLD This week we’re bringing you an inforgraphic about the importance of career sites within your recruiting strategy. Check out our friends at TalentCircles if you’re looking […]

Expand the Context: Avoid Tunneling

If you’re involved in a misunderstanding or need to solve a pressing problem, take a deep breath, blink a couple of times and take a fresh look at the larger context. Often, this expanded view can lead to a much simpler pathway through an issue. I was reminded of this recently when I was talking […]