Tips for Hiring Recent College Grads #shrm14

Graduation season is upon us, which means a lot of recent college grads entering the job market. For young college grads it is a time to enter the professional world and start building a career, and for older graduates, it may mean entering a new career field. There is a lot of new talent entering […]

Learning to Address Change in Human Resources #shrm14

HR is always found in precarious situations.  We are able to identify strengths and weaknesses in an organization pretty rapidly.  The problem we face as professionals is how to go about making a change, or for that matter making a change at all.  We are the biggest advocates for companies.  We are the voice of […]

The Art of Benefits Communcation at Work (Part 1)

Benefits communication is one of those topics that everyone hates to love…or just hates. There are rules and procedures in place that make being fun with benefits communication almost impossible. Today I attended a session titled, Perception is Reality: Best Practices in Benefits Communication” with Mary Schafer of ADP. For those who are new to […]


We have had the summer time theme going here at Performance I Create all month long. We have heard from our contributors and some guest bloggers about summer time and what it means to them – mostly from the HR view. Summertime For me the seasons have become somewhat blurry. With both of my children […]