We have had the summer time theme going here at Performance I Create all month long. We have heard from our contributors and some guest bloggers about summer time and what it means to them – mostly from the HR view.


For me the seasons have become somewhat blurry. With both of my children out on their own, I don’t have those bright lines and demarcation points like the start of school, the end of school, or spring break anymore, so the seasons sort of blend together for me. However, there is one event now that becomes the defining event of summer for me. That is the SHRM National Conference –which I will be attending when this post goes live.

The conference is held every year somewhere between Father’s Day and the summer solstice. I have had the good fortune to attend this event five times in the last seven years.

I do not want this to be a commercial for the SHRM Annual Conference, but I have to tell you this: If you are in HR and have not attended this event, you need to come at least once and see what is calledTHE BIG SHOW”.   As an HR pro you need to come and see this – the sessions, the exhibition hall, the people who run our HR organization, and to meet old friends and make new ones. It is a big deal. BAM!

Another other thing that happens for me every year later in summer is this. My home state SHRM event – Illinois SHRM. This takes place in August every year.   When this event is over, I know that summer is waning. The two conferences have become bookends of summer for me.

Me and my buddy Janine Truitt networking and mucking it up at #SHRM13 in Chicago
Me and my buddy Janine Truitt networking and mucking it up at #SHRM13 in Chicago

Although in the end, these events come down to seeing old friends and making new friends. I guess we call that networking. So to summarize my message is this; summertime is about networking in HR! Do it!

Here is Dave the HR Czar’s summertime song play list.

Summer in the City – Loving; Spoonful

In the Summer Time – Mungo Jerry

The Boys of Summer – Don Henely

Girls in their Summer Clothes – Bruce Springsteen

All Summer Long – Kid Rock

Hot Summer Nights – Night

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