Five Jobs for the Technologically Unemployed (Part 1)

Technological unemployment is the point at which technology is destroying more jobs than are being created. In a survey of readers of the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies (IEET) newsletter 51% of the 428 voters said that they think we have already reached that point of being technologically unemployed. Another 9% said we will […]

51% Of Your Employees Are Active Job Seekers

51% Of Your Employees Are Active Job Seekers This week’s infographic comes from our friends at Jobvite. I’ve talked several times about how the entire application to interview process is drawn out and seemingly a blackhole. This infographic shows how on-brand interviews can help decrease the chances of an applicant getting bored or frustrated with […]

Age vs. Youth – A True Story of Generation Differences

A Story Of Generational Differences The young man approached the lobby of the New York offices of a progressive technology company with a sense of confidence that was partly based on belief in himself coupled with the knowledge that he and others of his generation were capable of changing the world. This job interview was […]