Beyond the Job Description…

As recruiters, we’re tasked with putting together a candidate slate that meets the job description – the education, experience and proven track record for driving results.  No candidate has exactly the right skills for the job or is perfectly qualified.  Often times you’ll surface several candidates with exceptional leadership skills , desired core competencies, a strong […]

50 Things Recruiters Can Do on Facebook

People love to hate Facebook. There are the Facebook quitters and friends who give it up for Lent. There are people who think it’s pointless and couples who fight because of it. What a ruckus Facebook has caused and, even after all these years, it continues to be disruptive! As a recruitment marketer, I am […]

Why Learn About Unions in HR?

To say the SPHR test is grueling is an understatement.  I took the practice tests and spent a lot of time reviewing flashcards (check out the Flashcards Deluxe app, it is awesome!), although I studied a lot, when I took the test I thought I failed. Yes. It was that hard.   Despite my negative […]