Top 7 Career Killing Mistakes

Top 7 Career Killing Mistakes Have you ever been guilty of lying on your CV, failing to show up for work or even stealing your colleagues’ lunches? According to recruitment specialists, Robert Half, these mistakes and misdemeanours could seriously lessen your career prospects. Everything we do, from how we treat others in the workplace, to […]

Help Wanted? What’s Standing in Your Way of a Balanced Life?

Ever wished that you had two extra hands, more hours in the day, the ability to be in two places at the same time? Well, you are not alone! What’s Standing in Your Way of a Balanced Life? This feeling of not being able to get it all done is not only common, but I […]

4 Steps to Improving Your HR Department Over the Next 10 Years

A recent study by Deloitte pointed out that many company leaders and HR leaders have a less than positive view of how HR is doing. The study shows that many companies are not prepared to handle the challenges that will face them in the next 10 years. I wrote about this in a Future Friday […]