Top 7 Career Killing Mistakes

Top 7 Career Killing Mistakes

Have you ever been guilty of lying on your CV, failing to show up for work or even stealing your colleagues’ lunches? According to recruitment specialists, Robert Half, these mistakes and misdemeanours could seriously lessen your career prospects. Everything we do, from how we treat others in the workplace, to our attitude to stressful situations, has an impact on career success.

In fact, there are mistakes that employees make that have huge ramifications and can spell the end of their careers. Here we present the top seven career-killing mistakes:


Did you successfully cram for exams at the last minute all through high school and even university? Don’t keep up the habit in the workplace. A shoddily prepared report or presentation pulled together at the last minute is going to show – and you won’t get a second chance.

Refusing to work with the team

Getting labelled as not being a team player is one of the quickest career killers. If you give the impression that you’re interested only in looking out for yourself and being recognised and rewarded purely for your individual efforts, you will soon be on the outer with your colleagues and seen as uncooperative and disruptive by management.

Failing to meet deadlines

Businesses and organisations need employees they can depend on. Missing deadlines is unprofessional and can impact on other’s schedules. You don’t want your boss to look bad.

Dressing inappropriately

Some companies have strict dress codes. If you work for one of these companies then stick to the rules when dressing for work. Even in more flexible work environments, make sure you dress appropriately and are well-groomed at all times. Invest in quality clothing – nothing looks cheaper than an ill-fitting suit.

Not setting goals

Be efficient and productive. Set objectives and map out your daily plan around achieving them. Your organisation and effectiveness, or lack thereof, will be noticed.

Failing to network

Even after you land a job, it’s important to maintain your contacts from previous employment. Keeping up keeps your finger on the pulse of what’s happening in your field of expertise and may lead to further career opportunities down the track. Neglect this at your peril. The best networkers tend to get better performance reviews, receive promotions and be more highly compensated.

Not taking responsibility for your actions

If you make a mistake, don’t try to hide it or make excuses. Act immediately to correct it no matter how embarrassed you may feel.

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Andrew Brushfield

Andrew Brushfield is the Director of Victoria & New Zealand at Robert Half, and is based in our Melbourne office. He was originally an accountant at the Smorgon Group and has spent the past 13 years in the recruitment industry throughout Asia Pacific. In Australia, Andrew excelled in placing senior level finance professionals within a vast range of industries, with particular expertise in the FMCG and IT / Telecommunications industry.


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