6 Ways to Network with College Alumni

College connections are always among the best. We spend four years there and most of us make meaningful relationships along the way. You can also extend those great vibes after college by reaching out to fellow alumni. 6 Ways to Network with College Alumni Use Career Services: Consider using your college sponsored resources whether you […]

The Sad Fact of Why I Was Made to Work in HR

I’ve always been a supporter of transparency, honesty and bringing your whole self to work. That’s in direct conflict to being often being a boss, a recruiter or working in HR. HR professionals are experts at creating dividing lines. We understand the business necessity requirement of not bringing our whole self to work. Sometimes perspective is […]

Should You Disclose Your Pregnancy During an Interview?

Having job interviews while you are pregnant presents a difficult dilemma. Should you disclose the fact that you are pregnant during the interview, or should you wait until the baby’s been born and you’re knee-deep in disposable diapers? It’s a situation that comes up fairly often, and there is no one correct answer for every […]