Association Is Not A Protected Category or Is It?

Most of us know that employees that for work private sector companies that employee 15 or more workers are covered by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and its various amendments. This law defines various protected categories of workers, such as race, gender, religion and disability. But what about people who are […]

12 Hilarious & Horrible Recruiting & Hiring Videos

Powerful Recruitment Marketing & Employment Branding with Video Employment branding and recruiting is a moving target. The importance of video and the candidate experience has grown in importance since we published our 12 Most Best and Ridiculous Recruiting Videos last year. I thought it only best to share a second installment of 12 recruiting videos […]

#HRTechConf 2013 Unofficial Party Guide

Receive event reminders & more VIP access by signing up for our HR Tech mobile event alerts by texting ‘HRTech’  to 55678. Look for more #HRTechConf resources leading up to the big event in Las Vegas.  Two of my favorite things – Las Vegas and HR Technology Conference We’re just a few short days away from […]

10 observations and advice for young job seekers

A young job applicant inspired me to write a post that I was delaying…yes, procrastination. Today, I watched a young woman (20?)  walk into a fast food restaurant Arby’s (roast beef burger chain in North America). The woman’s attire? Spaghetti straps, a low cut top and flip flops! Both the career coach instinct and the maternal instinct […]