Learning Social Media is Easy in Small Bites!

A Journey of Learning Social Media for Business Leaders

Has learning social media turned your business world upside down? Are you still struggling with how to apply social media to your business strategies? Does your business have a strong online presence? All this tweeting, tagging, liking, following, is information overload, AND what does it really have to do with business? Kinda scary, right? In Sheryl Sandberg’s […]

Manner Monday: Children in the Workplace

Preparing Your Child for Professional Work Environment

Without getting into a heated debate whether it’s right or wrong, appropriate or inappropriate… sometimes life happens… and if you are a parent, there may be an inopportune time when you have to bring your child(ren) with you to work. This week’s Manner Monday discusses one of the most controversial topics, children in the workplace. If you […]

Using Facebook As a Virtual Career Platform

Revolutionizing Job Hunting

Sure, Facebook is good for sharing photos, asking questions of your followers and sending out mass updates. But, Facebook as a virtual career fair platform? How exactly would that work? Several weeks ago, I attended a vendor demo offering organizations their very own virtual career fair portal. The virtual product included a chat feature, a place […]