Manner Monday: Children in the Workplace

Preparing Your Child for Professional Work Environment

Without getting into a heated debate whether it’s right or wrong, appropriate or inappropriate… sometimes life happens… and if you are a parent, there may be an inopportune time when you have to bring your child(ren) with you to work. This week’s Manner Monday discusses one of the most controversial topics, children in the workplace.

If you find yourself in this difficult circumstance, it’s highly likely that you’re stressed out. Spend some time with your child, take a deep breath, settle down, and explain to him or her what is expected and appropriate behavior. When you speak to them, pause, look them in the eye, and make it clear that you expect them to treat your workplace and your coworkers with respect. There are regulations, just like in the library. You can’t expect them to act appropriately if they don’t know the rules going into the circumstance.

You might be tempted to provide candies or food as a coworker. Please check with the parent first; else, you risk significantly worsening a tough situation. Junior’s sugar sensitivity is unpredictable, so things could quickly turn bad.

Manner Monday: Children in the Workplace

Making others feel at ease is the ultimate goal of manners and etiquette. You will assist your child feel comfortable and, perhaps, you will also help your coworkers feel more at ease about the situation by taking the necessary steps to prepare your child for appropriate behavior at your workplace.

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  1. Kay Stout says

    Playing Devil’s Advocate — there are some jobs where bringing your child to work – – just won’t work — until they are old enough to entertain themselves in a spare office with a computer and/or television – – nook – – kindle – – etc.

    Small children cannot be expected to sit quietly – – play quietly – – for two or more hours in a strange place with few amenities for children.

    Bring your child to work day is a different matter.

    Sooooo – – – back ups to the back ups to the back up babbysitter is the best answer.

    If they child is sick – – and needs to be home with one of the parents – – one of the parents needs to have a flexible job so they can do that. Attorneys due in a court room – – can’t change the court date – – – having a child/children changes everything – -worth the investment – – but still is a game changer unless you make the kind of $$$ so you can have nannies, etc.

  2. CareySue Vega says

    Yes Kay. I agree that you need to have a back up to the back up. Sometimes though when all else fails and you find yourself in that predicament of needing to take your child into the office for even a few short minutes to ‘make something happen’… this will hopefully help to make the situation a bit more enjoyable (and manageable) for all.


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