You’re Over Thinking It

How to Overcome Analysis Paralysis in Your Career and Life.

Some days it seems like I spend hours and hours analyzing, thinking and rethinking through a move or a decision I want to make. I worry. I research. I research again and most importantly I obsess. My attention to detail and research is a lot of the reason why I’ve been able to be successful in […]

How to Stop Writing Terrible Job Descriptions

Top 5 Terrible Things You Can Do In a Job Description

I got an email not that long ago from a woman applying for a Master’s degree level position. She wanted to show me the response she received from her application. What follows is the depressing tale of the terrible job description. After submitting her application, she received this in response as part of the job […]

How EQ, not IQ can propel your job search

How EQ, not IQ can propel your job search

Western society, particularly North America, has trumpeted the merits of academic intelligence. But only in the last couple of decades, has emotional intelligence been highlighted. Recently in Time magizine a prominent story about EI in a major American news magazine. Last week, a Canadian newspaper, The Globe and Mail, printed a brief story with the headline, ” emotional smarts sway […]