You’re Over Thinking It

How to Overcome Analysis Paralysis in Your Career and Life.

Some days it seems like I spend hours and hours analyzing, thinking and rethinking through a move or a decision I want to make. I worry. I research. I research again and most importantly I obsess. My attention to detail and research is a lot of the reason why I’ve been able to be successful in HR. With enough knowledge or information, a case law or employment law won’t steer me wrong. It’s a purely logical and evidence based decision. I work almost to the point of obsession and possession searching for knowledge, information and answers to the questions I seek. Except now in my life and my career, there is a lot more at stake. As we grow older and acquire a reputation, a personal brand, a family or a career, we seem to become paralyzed by the ability to make a decision worrying and wondering what is next. It’s worry and wonder that has stopped me as of recent from publishing a blog post or taking a risk that 2 years ago or even 6 months I was more than ready to take. I worry about the media, clients or even friends might think. This is the point when disruption and innovation ends and over thinking really begins.

You’re Over Thinking It

In order to continue to grow personally, professionally and as a business, disruption and innovation must happen. Otherwise, we become stagnent in our jobs, our home and with our life. Doing nothing needs to big perceived as the bigger risk. Yes, change is scary but I’m more afraid of things like boredom, regrets and complacency.

Right now I’m at a personal crossroads of sorts. Maybe you are too. My family and I are contemplating on making a move. We are uprooting our lives to make the move from Oklahoma to California, and it scares me half to death. Both Greg and I’s families are not thrilled with our decision, but we see the opportunity that lies ahead. One moment I’m excited. It’s time for a change, and the next I’m spending hours pouring over information about the area, selling our home, school information for my daughter and the best place to live. Research combined with innovation has never done me wrong. Except I’m scared so I research and plan even more. 

You’re Over Thinking Your Career, Life, Family …

I know you feel this way about something. And it’s okay if you aren’t willing to ready or admit it just yet. Maybe it’s a decision to go back to college, starting a blog or you are considering launching a social recruiting strategy. You’re worried that you will look silly or make a mistake. People may laugh. They also might say bad things too. Let me say I understand. I feel the same. There’s something said for being young and naive. We don’t over think things. We just do them, and we make mistakes but have the guts to try again.

I’m done over thinking because I’m doing it . . . What are you over thinking in work or life? I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts.

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Jessica Miller-Merrell

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