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During 2011, 70 million new blogs were registered on WordPress alone; as of the end of 2012, Tumblr users had uploaded a staggering 80 billion posts – which works out to about 12 posts for every global internet user. We, as humans crave advice, information, and tips to help us do our jobs better, and we look to […]

Is this the first Vine resume?

The First of Vine Resumes

Is this the first Vine resume? You have, of course, heard of video resumes. But what do you think of Vine Resumes? Yes, video resumes that are six seconds long! Kudos to Dawn Siff for being the first.   @dawnsiff #VineResume Why you should hire me, in 6 seconds! vine.co/v/b6wxtwrwP7P — Dawn Siff (@dawnsiff) February […]