Blogging4Jobs Exclusive: 85% of Job Seekers Rely on Career Sites

Research on Mobile Hiring, Social Media and Top Career Sites

  While you are reading this article, there is a group of recruitment marketing professionals at the L’Oreal Offices in New York City listening to this very same announcement! It’s with great excitement that Blogging4Jobs offers you this exclusive HR industry news from Potentialpark, a global research company. Can you tell we’re excited? Jump on […]

Your Personal Brand: Are You Forgettable?

Things to Consider For Your Personal Brand

  Let’s face it; the economy in the US is in rough shape!  Blah, blah, blah…All I hear no matter where I go is complaining and whining. Well here’s what I say – STOP IT! The law of gravity states, “What goes up must come down” and we’re on the down swing of an over-inflated, […]

5 Persnickety Grammatical Errors to Avoid in Workplace Communication

Workplace Writing Errors to Avoid

Disclaimer: Dan Lovejoy is the grammar snob about whom your mother warned. Dan holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Master’s Degree in Technical Communication, but don’t hold that against him. Every company has one or more grammar snobs who will berate you for any actual or imagined mistakes you make in your emails […]