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The Future for Sourcers Is Bright

Sourcing and Recruitment

Anyone who has been sourcing heavily since 2006 knows that the landscape for sourcing has changed.  Not necessarily better or worse, just different.  Thanks to social media networks like Linkedin with now over 200 million professional profiles, locating viable candidates for searches has never been easier.   The funny thing is, the very same site […]

Don’t Be a LinkedIn Don’t

What not to do on LinkedIn

Don’t Be a LinkedIn Don’t  Every now and then, I’ll be networking on LinkedIn when I’m suddenly reminded of the “Fashion Don’t” page at the back of Glamour Magazine. You know, the one where the poor, unsuspecting victim is walking around committing some fashion faux pas with a little black box covering her eyes to […]

The Use of Rhetoric As an HR Competency

Rhetoric as an essential HR core competency

Do you think the ability to speak effectively to a group would be a necessary qualify for an HR manager to have? You have just been asked a rhetorical question. A rhetorical question is one asked solely to produce an effect (especially to make an assertion) rather than to elicit a reply. I already know […]