Workplace Romance: How Should Employers Handle?

Romantics Relationships at Work

Workplace Romance: How Should Employers Handle? Why should employers be concerned if employees engage in romantic relationships at work? Legal Editor Joan Farrell explains the potential consequences of a workplace romance gone wrong and how employers can take steps to protect themselves from claims of discrimination, harassment or retaliation, including workplace dating policies and […]

Four Sweet HR Lessons

HR lessons in Making Connections

I have had the very good fortune to hear a presentation from Kat Cole, President of Cinnabon, who has the distinction of being one of the few company presidents to come through a Human Resources position. Kat has wisdom beyond her years and she provided some compelling lessons. Connections to make change After hearing Ms. Cole’s […]

Implementing an Employee Referral Program in Your Organization [INFOGRAPHIC]

Key Points for Employee Referral Programs

What’s the best way to recruit — and later retain — employees? Company career sites? Networking? Word of mouth? According to studies, it’s actually employee referrals. These employees are also shown to stick around for extended periods of times, as opposed to those who are found through different methods. Since referrals are shown to produce […]

12 Killer Apps for Work, Life & Business Productivity

Improve Work Productivity with Apps

We’re almost two and a half months into 2013, and if improving your productivity is still a New Year’s resolution you’re battling, you are in luck. Improve Work Productivity with Apps A lot of great apps and programs are available to make your life easier. We’ve seen the introduction of a ton of killer apps […]

How Does A Job Seeker Reinvent Himself?

Reinventing Yourself As a Jobseeker

A prospective client asked, “Do you do Career Reinvention resumes?” After he explained what he was thinking, I understood. As a Mechanical Engineer on the West Coast, he had found himself niched into a struggling sector of manufacturing. At first, I thought he wanted to be repositioned for another role in manufacturing or another type […]