Product Review: LinkedIn Releases “LinkedIn Endorsements”

Product Review: LinkedIn Releases “LinkedIn Endorsements”   LinkedIn releases “LinkedIn Endorsements,” a system that lets users endorse the skills listed on a LinkedIn profile. Plus, Jim is a bit happy about returning for a new season of his show. Tune in to see for yourself.  

Top 10 Corporate Employer Brands on LinkedIn

Best Employer Brands on LinkedIn

The hiring landscape is changing fast. If you aren’t current on technology, you may be SOL. Seems like everyone and their dog are using LinkedIn nowadays to make more connections and find the perfect job or candidate. But looking at the top companies listed on LinkedIn, you’d better be handy with a computer.  The site […]

How to Deal with Petty Bullshit at Work (& Life)

workplace, gossip, work and life balance

I’ve never been that girl at work.  I’ve certainly never been that guy.  You know the type.  The one who workplace drama and just crap at work seems to be drawn to, attracted like a magnet.  It’s like they can’t get away.  Whether its work place gossip, drama, or just general petty bullshit, this person’s […]