Product Review: LinkedIn Releases “LinkedIn Endorsements”

Product Review: LinkedIn Releases “LinkedIn Endorsements”


LinkedIn releases “LinkedIn Endorsements,” a system that lets users endorse the skills listed on a LinkedIn profile. Plus, Jim is a bit happy about returning for a new season of his show. Tune in to see for yourself.


Jessica Miller-Merrell

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Reader Interactions


  1. Jack says

    I’m leaving a comment! And there’s an option for endorsing me on LinkedIn as an awesome commenter-tater.

    Glad the Stroud Show is back!!

  2. Charlene says

    I’m commenting, too! Love the Jim Stroud Show and the info you provide. Glad to ‘see’ you again Jim! As for LinkedIn Endorsements, I think they’re great. So much easier than recommendations. BTW: where was my name in the shout outs? Is it because you’ve felt that I’ve been neglecting you? Even though I +1 many of your posts? Read your writings? Watch your videos? Hmmm? Just wonderin’.

  3. Jeremy Roberts says

    I’m loving the Linkedin Endorsements. Finally a more social approach by Linkedin. I’m curious to see if the skills pages will actually list people based on the actual number of endorsements they have. That surely will be rolled out in the future.


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