How People Find Jobs and What You Can Do to Help

Why you should decide to help job seekers.

It’s no secret: For recent college graduates and millions of unemployed job seekers, getting hired is more difficult than ever.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that this trend is going to change for quite some time. One of the key problems for recent grads is their lack of resources or knowledge about what type of positions […]

Spanx Me: The Secret in 7E

Employment in All Shapes & Sizes

When I first heard “7E,” I thought it was referencing an apartment. Or Seven-Eleven.  What I did not think about was what it actually stood for:  the seven ‘e’s that can be found in putting the words  “Employee” & “Entrepreneurship” together. According to statistics, some 42 million workers in the US alone have stumbled upon the benefits of being […]