How People Find Jobs and What You Can Do to Help

Why you should decide to help job seekers.

It’s no secret: For recent college graduates and millions of unemployed job seekers, getting hired is more difficult than ever.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that this trend is going to change for quite some time. One of the key problems for recent grads is their lack of resources or knowledge about what type of positions they should be looking for.  Don’t even get me started about interns looking for work.

For instance, due to their familiarity with human behavior and emotions, anthropology and sociology degrees are ideal for social media and community administration. However, very few of them are aware of these roles or the opportunities that are available.

In light of this, it’s crucial for individuals in a position to give back and aid job searchers in locating chances so they can seize them and begin their careers. Here are a few reasons why you should give job seekers a couple of hours of your time, aside from the simple satisfaction of doing good.

Builds Trust Between Your Colleagues and Outside Employers

Connecting job seekers with potential employers is only one technique to assist them in finding opportunities. The introduction helps many people than just the job seeker. Every firm that has an opportunity wants to fill it fast and with the greatest personnel possible. Therefore, by assisting them in that process, you strengthen your bonds of trust with your network’s influential people. The more trust you establish today will be extremely helpful later on, whether it’s for future collaboration or when you want to switch employers.

Opportunity to Revisit Your Job Search Fundamentals

Sometimes our routines and habits can become so ingrained in us that we rarely have the chance to revisit them to assess their effectiveness or identify areas where we might improve. Helping my friends and coworkers find new jobs allows me to practice my writing and communication abilities, which is one of my favorite benefits.

You go through how to be succinct, informative, and brief in your writing when you offer advice on how they should draft cover letters or responses to introductions. Additionally, you experience the strain of trying to write the “perfect” email once more, which is a feeling we should never veer too far from.

Build Your Own Champions and Job Search Network

I routinely write and speak about creating cause-driven communities and brand advocates as a result of my work with Tweet Drive. Building and maintaining communities has some of the most fascinating parts, but occasionally we lose sight of the significance of our own personal brands.

Helping others find employment and launch their next career is a feeling unlike any other, and almost always, people are grateful for your assistance even after some time has passed. You will require a support network as you start your own businesses and projects, and these individuals will essentially form the basis of that network. Building your own job search network can help.

This isn’t a “you owe me” type thing – its just simply going back to my first point of building trust. Helping others and donating your time will always come back to help you in the long run.

Have you helped friends find career opportunities? What has your experience been?  You can help this Monday by as part of Give Labor Day.  Learn more here.  

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Harrison Kratz is the community manager for MBA@UNC, one of the nation’s leading distance learning mba programs from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  Harrison also sticks to his entrepreneurial roots as the founder of the global social good campaign, Tweet Drive.


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