Once your blog post publishes on The Recruiter’s Lounge, you will receive an email notification that it has published including a link to the post. You are welcome to share with your friends and via social networks. However, we recommend automating this by using a service called TwitterFeed.

The service allows for your blog post to be auto shared on social networks. I recommend setting up two different auto retweets and shares. The first is the collective sharing of all posts that go live in TRL. The second is customized to your own personal published post. Together can help collectively promote each other thereby increasing the site’s collective social sharing power and virality.

Part 1: Sign up for an Account at TwitterFeed.com and “Create Feed”

You will need to set up a TwitterFeed.com account. It’s easy and completely free.


Set Up Your Automatic TRL Feed with TwitterFeed

Label your first automatic link. I recommend calling your first link “Twitter TRL”. TwitterFeed allows you to share to multiple social networks. You can create automatic shares to Twitter, LinkedIn status update and your LinkedIn Company Page. I recommend not automatically sharing your post to your Facebook personal or pages. Facebook’s algorithm doesn’t like auto scheduling and your post is penalized if you do it this way.


You will need The Recruiter’s Lounge RSS feed. Copy this link  https://workology.com/feed/. Enter it in the RSS Feed URL section just like above. Press “test rss feed” button on the right hand side. A green check mark will appear at the bottom if the feed is ok. Click next button at the bottom right hand side.

In step two or advanced settings you will you make two changes. First you will select “title only” in the post content drop down section on the right hand side. At the bottom section called post suffix is where you will add customized content including hashtags that will be automatically posted every time TwitterFeed auto tweets. I like to use hashtags like #recruiting, #recruiter, #hiring #shrm, #hr, #dthr and #tchat. These are all popular HR and recruiting twitter hashtags. Once you do this select the “next” button at the bottom right hand side.



Next you will see the feed publishing section where you will select your social network and account in which to share your updates once they post on TRL. In this example, we are using your Twitter account. You will need to select Twitter and then log in and authorize TwitterFeed to post on your behalf using Twitter. You only have to do this one time.


Select “all done” and your TwitterFeed is now activated. Every time a blog publishes on TRL, your Twitter account will automatically post the blog content. This will happen 2-3 times a week.

 You can also set up LinkedIn so that it will auto publish to your personal status update. I would suggest setting up a separate action in TwitterFeed for this labeling it as “TRL LinkedIn” so you know the action if you ever need to do any editing. You will remove the hash tags that you placed in Step 2 as you don’t need them for LinkedIn personal or LinkedIn Company Pages. You will also select the box that you want to include images for LinkedIn.

Part 2: Set Up Your Author Feed

Each author or user has your own unique feed. This means that every time you publish a blog post, it will be collected in a single place. Your author bio is simply: https://workology.com/author/yourusername. For example, Jessica’s is https://workology.com/author/jessica/

Once you have your unique author address set up, you will need to set up an RSS feed. I use Feedburner to do this but you can also set one up using Feed.ly or other RSS generators. Go to Feedburner.com and burn a feed.



Once you have a personal author feed set up you can set up another unique campaign in TwitterFeed. I recommend this time delaying the action by selecting 2 hours from the “update frequency” drop down menu. This allows you to not publish multiple tweets publishing at the same time. It also helps increase your activity on Twitter and your ability to be on Twitter without ever live tweeting.

You will want to set up a custom prefix this time which shows that this post was authored by you. I recommend adding “by me on @recruiterhacks”. This signifies to your Twitter users that this post is authored by you on a new site. Add new hash tags to increase your audience reach and likelihood to be seen in new communities.


Follow all the previous steps as outlined earlier and publish your TwitterFeed. Feel free to email me directly if you have questions at greg(at)xceptionalhr(dot)com.



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