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You knew I had to have a disclaimer.

The writing and materials available on this blog are for informational purposes only. It is not given for the purposes of providing legal advice or soliciting legal business. There is no guarantee as to the accuracy of the content on this site or to linked sites. If you have a legal concern, you should contact an attorney with regard to that specific issue. Use of this blog does not create any attorney-client relationship between Workology, their contributors, and the user of the site. Online readers should not act upon any information presented on this blog without seeking professional legal counsel. The editor and blog founder apologizes for any factual or other errors in this blog. If you believe that some content is inaccurate, false, disparaging, slanderous, libelous, or defamatory, please post a comment or contact me; I will consider editing existing content, removing that content, or posting a retraction. Information herein is provided on an “as is” or “as available” basis; we make no warranty of any kind to you regarding the information provided and disclaim any liability for damages from use of the blog or its content.

And because we just like disclaimers here are a couple more.

FTC Disclosure: And in accordance with the FTC, we will disclose to our readers if Workology receives payment, compensation, or free product to write or review a company, product, or event.  Typically, our disclosure will say something similar to the following, “FTC Disclosure: I received compensation for mentioning the product listed above as part of one of the services I offer my clients. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

Blogger Disclaimer: Please note that all opinions expressed by our contributors are their opinions and don’t represent the company they work for. All content is owned by Workology and therefore cannot be copied, distributed, or repurposed without prior consent.


You are prohibited from accessing this site

Legal Notice to PicScout, http://www.picscout.com/ ,Getty Images, http://www.gettyimages.com/ trading as: GYI , all other customers of PicScout, and Cyveillance Intelligence Center http://www.cyveillance.com/, and to any and all clients of Cyveillance Intelligence Center, their subsidiaries, agents, or assigns are prohibited from accessing dcdirectactionnews.wordpress.com

1: Permission for the copyright scanning robot program known as PicScout and for robots owned or operated by Cyveillance Intelligence Center, Getty Images, their subsidiaries, agents, and assigns to access this site is explicitly denied. All other robots which scan content for the purpose of any law enforcement, criminal or civil, are also denied permission to access this site at any time.

2: Most of the photos here were taken by our own cameras or are open source; All videos that appear on dcdirectactionnews.wordpress.com, our old Liveleak Channel, or our current archive.org channel were made by DC Direct Action News for the sole use of DC Direct Action News and the activist community which is effectively our customers. All photo, video, and audio content on dcdirectactionnews.wordpress.com is licensed for all noncommercial reproduction with attribution to DC Direct Action News EXCEPT by any law enforcement agency, Getty Images, PicScout, and Cyveillance Intelligence Center or any of their subsidiaries, agents, or assigns; or by any other corporation that has at least once filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against one or more online users of their content. Use of any original dcdirectactionnews.wordpress.com story, photo, audio, or video recording for any purpose, by any entity which is a plaintiff in a copyright infringement case is hereby prohibited.

3: Getty Images, PicScout, and Cyveillance Intelligence Center their subsidiaries, agents, and assigns are explicitly prohibited from using any image or video that originated in a DC Direct Action News camera for any purpose. These photos are released for noncommercial use by the general public with or without attribution to dcdirectactionnews.wordpress.com; their use for any monetary gain by any party claiming copyright against a third party downloader from a third party web site shall be treated as a copyright violation under this Notice.

Notice concerning demands for damages originating from Getty Images, PicScout, Cyveillance Intelligence Center, or any of their subsidiaries, agents, or assigns or any other scanning robot users sending “demand notices” prior to DMCA takedown notices:

We regard Getty Images, PicScout, Cyveillance Intelligence Center, or any of their subsidiaries, agents, or assigns as entities engaged in extortion. As such, all payment demands SHALL BE REFUSED if any threats of legal action are ever received from Getty Images, PicScout, Cyveillance Intelligence Center, their subsidiaries, agents, or assigns or any other copyright holder demanding “damages” prior to sending DMCA takedown notifications. Not only will we refuse to pay the funds you demand, we shall instead and in addition to refusing payment seek liquidated damages in the amount of $25,000 US per violation of our Terms of Service concerning image scanning robots.

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