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Racism Would Have Been Easy

Racism Would Have Been Easy As you know, February is Black History Month and here at Performance I Create, we were all challenged to write, if the spirit moved us, a post regarding such. As February winds down and we see March slipping into view, I thought I’d share my thoughts, as indirect as they […]

My Kids Won’t Dust

I was dusting the other day…I hate dusting…and all the while, I was thinking to myself, “I have two children…why aren’t THEY dusting?” I pondered that as I dusted off bookcases, dusted in between the rails on the chairs, tables and beds, and wiped down nearly all of the picture frames. My Kids Won’t Dust […]

The One Thing Worse Than Buying a Car

Quick. What’s the single most painful purchase process? Gotta be buying car, right? Nope, but you’re on the right track. The One Thing Worse Than Buying a Car   Now, buying a car is tremendously painful, I’ll give you that. It’s a big decision and a huge financial commitment. It seems impossible to have a […]

HR is Headed for Self Destruction

One of my favorite old skool hip-hop songs is “Self Destruction.” After 20 years, I still know over 90% of the lyrics. It is one of a few old skool jams that causes me to stop whatever I’m doing and lose myself in words and nostalgia for a few minutes whenever I hear it. HR […]


The opening Keynote of Louisiana SHRM was titled “I Come From the Water.”   In his presentation Kris Dunn did an awesome job of relating many phenomenon in popular culture and society and how they apply to our world, and our business lives. Kris related different TV character to some of our problem and stand out […]

The Power of Words

The Power of Words I just wanted to share one of my favorite holiday workplace memories. Thank you in advance for watching! [youtube video=”khfHfZa_HeA” width=”700″ height=”420″]