This Recruiter’s Perspective on Donald Trump as a Candidate

Donald Trump as a Candidate Whether Republican, Democrat, Independent, Libertarian, Green Party, Constitution Party or Don’t-Give-a-Damn, you likely paid more attention than before to the events leading up to and subsequent nomination of Donald Trump.  Early on, many thought he wasn’t a threat, just a joke, wouldn’t get far, and now he has a chance […]

Brand… New

Its not what you say… Claire was apoplectic going on about the unfairness of it all. “Ive got a huge SoMe footprint, profiles in all the right places, I blog like a speed freak on a caffeine break and still I can’t get my brand through! WTF!” Claire exclaimed as we enjoyed the java at […]

Marginalizing Women

The song remains the same. By now we should know we have a problem with women in the workplace. Despite the fact that they outnumber men (at least in the US) in total workforce population, percent of management and professionals, they cannot find their way into the C-suite. I’m constantly surprised people don’t know this. […]

If the Culture Doesn’t Fit, You Shouldn’t Commit

Everything and everyone told me NOT to accept the offer.  One friend and previous employee of the company called to caution that I wouldn’t fit in there. Another friend called with a message from a recent escapee telling me that I was better off unemployed than working for those, and I quote, “bunch of bitches”.  […]

2016 HR Trends to Watch

Yes, you read that right … It’s mid-July 2015 and I’m talking about trends for 2016. Far too often organizations find themselves scrambling and playing catch-up to comply with changed or new regulations. We leave ourselves open to risk by not discussing, planning and implementing measures far enough in advance to be ready when its […]

The Three Most Powerful Words Spoken By a Leader

The Three Most Powerful Words Spoken By a Leader To be a leader is to be visible to others. If you lead, people don’t just take verbal or written direction from you, they take all the cues you leave them in your day to day work. For example, they look at when you arrive at […]