Learn How to Recruit Using AngelList

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Like with early stage investing, AngelList holds explosive possibilities for the extremely messy and noisy process of matchmaking companies with their people. Founders spend way too much time pitching their company to investors. AngelList makes it completely simple. It pares back most of the BS but preserves much of the core informational and social processes […]

How to Recruit and Source on Sites Like Reddit

In a crowded job market with high demand for employees, especially employees with specialized skills, sourcing candidates can be extremely difficult. A 2018 Recruiter Nation Survey from Jobvite demonstrates the difficulties of attracting and hiring talent in a candidate-driven job market. Of the 800 recruiters responding to the survey, 74 percent of them believe hiring […]

Social Geo-Targeting Is Your New Recruiting Secret Sauce

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I’m the master sauce maker whether it’s ketchup, barbecue or a nice hollandaise I can make a sauce like nobody’s business. Your sauce is the secret to elevating your meal or dish because without it your chicken would be just chicken, boring and flavorless and your eggs benedict would just be poached eggs with a biscuit. Add […]

Why Sourcing Is the Red-Headed Step Child of Recruiting

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There have been times in my career that I’ve said recruiting is based on gut feelings and intuition. It’s that good feeling or bad one that you get when you are interviewing with a candidate. Unfortunately these instincts no matter how clear not only won’t pay the bills, but also aren’t enough for your boss […]