Introducing the Inclusive Candidate Experience

Introducing the Inclusive Candidate Experience The employment life cycle must be an accessible one. Because of limitations to the work experience and the hiring process, some candidates are getting left behind. We are focusing our efforts on the candidate experience when a growing percentage of job seekers can’t even apply for a job let alone […]

Top 7 Tips for LinkedIn Native Video

top 7 tips for linkedin native video

Have you noticed the lights, camera, and action now on the LinkedIn home feed? The LinkedIn native video capability was introduced in August 2017 and history was made!  Talk about driving engagement with so many great new features! The popularity of LinkedIn video is part of a much broader trend. By 2020, online video is […]

Growing Your Employment Brand

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Join me for a webinar on 4/19 at 11-12 AM CST for 7 Ways to Super-charge Your Talent Brand. HRCI & SHRM credits available. Click here to register.  A client and local HR leader from a manufacturing business recently told me that she wished to find more candidates with tech skills.  She’s not seeking developers but simply […]

Where to Start Today Building Your Talent Brand

t recruiting talent brand, recruitment talent brand

Why do you need a talent brand? Because measuring, monitoring and improving an organization’s reputation is becoming a crucial component of talent acquisition strategies for any company in today’s labtor market. Your talent band exists with or without actively managing it. It includes the perceptions of prospective, current, and previous employees and it influences whether […]

Employer Review Sites for Employers & Candidates

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As a consumer, you probably are familiar with the concept of reviews whether it is for a product or service like an Amazon product review or a review of a product or company on a Facebook Business Page or The growth in these review sites is understandable. As access to information, resources, and news […]

3 More Creative Digital Recruiting Programs To Use

In my talk, Digitizing Talent: Creative Strategies for the Digital Recruiting Age, I talk a great deal about taking the playbook directly from corporate marketers to recruit candidates and engage your current workforce. Marketers have been using these tools for product and brand marketing, and adapting them to recruiting and hiring is a great strategy […]