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A client and local HR leader from a manufacturing business recently told me that she wished to find more candidates with tech skills.  She’s not seeking developers but simply tech-savvy employees. Many of her current employees have minimal or no computer capabilities. As a result, her company has a limited ability to introduce new systems.  They are stuck with old frameworks and processes.

How Employer Brand Drive Tech Candidates to Your Job Listings

Does this sound familiar?  Companies everywhere are looking for candidates with tech capabilities, even if they are not writing code. Hiring managers and recruiters want to upgrade overall employee capabilities with every new hire.

A majority of candidates today are online to explore career opportunities. It makes sense that this is even more true for the savviest and more technology driven candidates. Here are five things your company can do to attract technically motivated candidates:

#1 – Develop a Clear, Authentic, and Consistent Online Presence

Display a transparent online presence reflecting an authentic company brand and the personal brands of your employees and leaders. We know that more and more candidates are on a digital career journey. It makes sense that tech-oriented people are more engaged with the digital likeness of the prospective companies on their target lists. Tech-savvy candidates will be checking out your website, career site, social media, Glassdoor, and individual LinkedIn profiles. These top candidates are researching online first. Make sure your authentic brand is consistent across all platforms.

#2 – Be Tech Specific

Use your online platforms to mention your company’s technology platforms, goals and success stories. Consider mentioning the tools, apps, and platforms as part of a company, department, or job description. Think about how you describe the work online and how you can incorporate technology or innovation language. Consider recognizing your employees online as they achieve successes related to innovation and technology.

#3 – Appeal to Tech Learners

Candidates who love technology also tend to be continuous learners. Describe the learning environment in your job posts, career site, and on LinkedIn posts. Feature any company-sponsored tech meet-ups or workshops as a way to showcase your company and culture. In the job description, consider listing the learning opportunities in addition to job description and requirements.

#4 – Culture Matters

Describe your company culture and the focus on innovation and technology even if this is a new initiative for your organization. Describe the valuable role and impact that new employees can have by shaping the company by leveraging these skills. Create a video of employees discussing your company’s evolving innovation culture.

#5 – Brand Advocacy

Today’s candidates are more likely to be interested in your company if their friends work there and have shared positive feedback about the work and opportunities. Encourage your employees to associate their LinkedIn profiles to the LinkedIn company page. Make it easy for these candidates to easily find their network or extended network via LinkedIn. Encourage your employees to share their personal and company brand and the work they are most excited about online to help amplify the opportunities at your company.

Innovation and technology-oriented candidates are especially likely to be closely scrutinizing your company’s digital presence.  It’s worth the extra effort. Your company’s clear messaging, brand advocacy, tech and learner friendly focus and a compelling company vision will surely help lure the most tech-savvy candidates.

Join me for a webinar on 4/19 at 11-12 AM CST for 7 Ways to Super-charge Your Talent Brand. HRCI & SHRM credits available. Click here to register. 

Sandra Long

Sandra Long is the author of the bestselling book LinkedIn For Personal Branding: The Ultimate Guide. She is also the managing partner of Post Road Consulting LLC. Sandra and her team work with corporations, universities, and individuals to drive successful sales, career, and talent acquisition results.

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  1. Andy @ ISL says

    Nice post Sandra.
    I work for a company who specialise in IT recruitment but also a few other sectors. What’s especially hard for traditional manufacturers – in my own experience – is to draw top talent away from more comfortable sectors such as straight up tech or software.

    Experienced devs tend to gravitate that way, which is a real challenge for many companies.


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