The Power of Words

The Power of Words I just wanted to share one of my favorite holiday workplace memories. Thank you in advance for watching! [youtube video=”khfHfZa_HeA” width=”700″ height=”420″]  

Development is a Partnership

Remember that thing called “development”? It seems companies have lost sight of it and employees have become brats about the situation. It is pretty much essential for today’s businesses to be able to quickly identify their top and even average performers. It is even more essential that once these individuals have been identified that a […]

The ROI Game

Probably the most overused and perhaps overrated term in business is “ROI” better known as “return on investment”. The concept of ROI was built upon the premise that businesses could have an expectation of seeing gains and/or being made whole as a result of investing in a program, initiative, product etc. The operative word here […]

Aces In Their Places

The Importance of Cross Training

Once upon a time, I received a complaint from an employee. He was upset because he was being assigned to the same position on the production line every day. He was receiving no cross-training on the other positions and, after almost 6 months, he was fed up. He believed his supervisor was deliberately holding him […]

Your Ideas Are Useless

Demonstrating knowledge and value in organizational deficiencies

Your Ideas Are Useless I was in a meeting discussing the pros/cons of partnering with a new vendor. The price point seemed reasonable and the functionality seemed awesome but there was concern about our ability to train the staff and monitor it’s usage in light of some other projects we have going on. There was no […]